In 2016, my boyfriend now husband, Jamie Nieto a 2-Time Olympic High Jumper had a training accident that left him paralyzed. Our worlds changed instantly. I was getting ready for my 3rd Olympic Games and I dropped everything to be by Jamie's side. I was told that Jamie would not walk again and that we would have a long difficult road ahead. 

This was the toughest challenge I ever faced, but I knew that God was capable of bringing Jamie back to a 100%. All we knew was that we had each other and that love could conquer all. 

During this time, songs came into my head, which I sang to Jamie and it helped us get through. I wrote this song called, "Through the Good & The Bad" for Jamie to express my love for him and commitment to our marriage.  

This song is a special song for Jamie, but also for you. We ask for you to purchase this song as a donation for Jamie's recovery and a huge thank you for your love and support.