Shevon is far from your typical rising pop sensation and Olympic athlete, then again, she’s not your typical anything. Possessing beauty, confidence, poise and a melodically sophisticated yet accessible sound, few debut artists will make an impression quite like the Jamaican-birthed and New York-raised singer, who also happens to be an Olympic track star!

Since she was a young child, singing has been one of her two passions. At age 7, her mom enrolled her into voice lessons and from there the stars began to align themselves for her future success. 

After spending years mastering her artistic craft, the ambitious singer turned her attention to her other love - athletics, specifically track and field. Even still she continued to write and record music throughout her training, never losing focus or her desire to write and be a recording artist.

Upon graduating from the University of South Carolina on a full scholarship, Shevon became a professional athlete and made her first Jamaican Olympic team in 2004 and her second in 2008. Ranked in the top 10 fastest 400-meter hurdlers, Shevon definitely believes in pushing boundaries to the limit.

Shevon incorporates that same fearlessness into everything she does, even the type of music she chooses to create. With her musical influences being Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton, it is evident that her sound is rooted from a good strong foundation. “Growing up, I would practice and study those 3 artists non- stop until I started to emulate them,” she recalls, “However, as I grew as an artist, I knew I had to develop my own sound and style to set myself apart from the others to be original.” And she has certainly achieved that goal in a brilliant fashion.

This Singer/Songwriter/Athlete/Public Speaker and Businesswoman, has clearly grasped a new millennium way to her success and personal branding. Not only is she pursuing global domination in the entertainment and sports sectors, but she is also looking to conquer the publishing world with a book she is currently working on.

 This multi-faceted personality is doing an excellent job of exciting her huge growing fan base, all the while staying true to her desire to cast even a larger net through her diverse talents and tremendous near limitless abilities.

 Shevon has been the main female face for her current sponsor Puma for the last 9 years. This rising star is a modern benchmark for any young female and male artist/athletes who are currently chasing their dreams.